Thank you for your interest in being a Speaker at the Purpose Driven Productivity Summit!
Please see Summit information below as well as the THEME of the event to make sure it is a good fit for you.

JUNE 12th to 16th, 2023
PROMOTION PERIOD:  May 21st, 2023 to June 11th, 2023

 Summit Theme

Purpose Driven Productivity (Virtual Summit)

Target Audience:

  • Female Christian entrepreneurs who work from home and want to create an organized and productive work environment.
  • Christian mompreneurs seeking balance between home-life and work-life, and want to remain focused on what matters most at the right time.
  • Christian professional women who want to be successful, but also want to stay in alignment with their God-given calling.

I want to see more Christian women achieving success and impacting God’s Kingdom, without sacrificing time, energy or relationships.

The Vision: Equipping Ambitious Women with a Framework to be Efficient and Focused in Their Christ-Centered Home, Work & Life

Topic Ideas: (Meant to be suggestions/ideas only)

  1. Work-Health-Faith Balance
      • Christian Minimalism
      • Free of Spiritual & Emotional Clutter
      • Simplicity and Less-is-more approach
      • Journaling
      • Intentional Living
      • Spiritual Disciplines
      • Surrendering control
      • Overcoming Perfectionism
      • Sabbath Rest
  2. Home Office Organization and Design
      • Tips for simplifying things in your home office
      • Tips for organizing your home office efficiently
      • Strategies for creating a comfortable and healthy work space
      • Benefits of home office design for mental and emotional health
      • Purging & Strategies for letting go of office clutter and excess
      • Decluttering & Removing Visual Distractions
      • The effects on clutter on our health
      • Designing a Workspace that you love to work in
      • Desk & Workspace Organization
  3. Home Office Management
      • Managing Paperwork and Documents
      • Labeling Systems
      • Keeping a Clean and Tidy Workspace
      • Setting Up Storage Systems
      • Keeping Track of Supplies and Inventory
      • Creating a Productive Work Environment
      • Task automation for the home office
  4. Establishing Work-From-Home Routines:
      • Setting and Maintaining Regular Work Hours
      • Scheduling Breaks and Lunches
      • Defining Boundaries Between Work and Personal Time
      • Building in Time for Exercise and Self-care
      • Staying Accountable and Focused
      • Life Systems
      • Establishing Healthy Habits
      • Tips for Work-from-home-moms
  5. Managing Communication
      • Using Communication Tools Effectively
      • Setting Expectations with Family Members or Roommates
      • Balancing Work and Personal Communication
      • Setting Boundaries
  6. Time Management
      • Using Time-tracking Tools
      • Planning for Interruptions and Unexpected Tasks
      • Staying Organized and Focused
      • Scheduling & Calendar Systems
      • Time Blocking
      • Delegation and Outsourcing
      • Focus and Concentration
      • Techniques for managing your time effectively
  7. Prioritization
      • Avoiding Procrastination
      • Eliminating Distractions
      • Strategies for balancing work and personal life
      • Tools for Prioritizing Tasks and Deadlines
      • Planning
  8. Managing Workload
      • Defining Goals and Deliverables
      • Avoiding Overload and Burnout
      • Seeking Support or Delegating Tasks When Needed
      • Keeping a Positive Attitude and Mindset
      • Learning to Say No
      • Automation and Technology
      • Streamlined Systems and Business Operations
  9. Digital Organization
      • Managing Email and Online Communication
      • Organizing Digital Files and Folders
      • Using Productivity and Collaboration Tools
  10. Goal setting and achievement
      • Mindset and Motivation
      • Setting and achieving personal and professional goals
      • Overcoming obstacles and staying motivated
      • Celebrating and learning from successes and failures
      • Action plans for reaching your goals
  • Interviews will be recorded in May, up until May 20, 2023.
  • These are a VIDEO interview.
  • Interviews will be 20-30 minutes long. We will schedule for 45 Minutes in case we run over.
  • We will chat a few minutes before recording if you have any last-minute questions.
  • I will record the short bio (you will provide in the speaker collab form – link above) at the beginning our interview and if you submit a longer bio that will be linked in your personal speaker page.
  • You may promote your free gift at the end of the interview.
  • If you are providing a BONUS OFFER (optional) –  Any value packed bonus for the all-access pass you provide for free.  This is something of MORE VALUE than the traditional free lead magnet.  We will be promoting this as a bonus for anyone who purchases the up-sell to lifetime access of the recordings from the summit.
  • Our request is for you to share the event via 2 solo emails, 1 newsletter blurb (or a PS mention in an email) and 3 social media mentions.

 Interview Agenda

My interview style is conversational, fun, and light.

We will be organic and go with the flow, but to help you prepare, the interviews will loosely follow this structure:

The Introduction:

  • Introduction to the experience/summit and quick reminders of what guests can expect
  • Introduction of the speaker (your short 2-4 sentence bio)

Your Story: (example talking points)

  • What you do and who you are
  • Your journey
  • How you came to teach or do what you are doing today
  • What was your breakthrough, how you created your breakthrough, what did you discover?
  • Origin Story:  Breakdown moment, your breakthrough ah-ha moment and the discover of your purpose (why you are doing what you are doing today)

* I will ask a few questions to drawn your story out as well.

The Core Content

  • Your interview questions / answers
  • Please try and include something Tangible and Actionable for people to execute on towards the end of this section.
  • Time permitting – I will ask what making an “Eternal Impact means to you”


  • We will close with you sharing your freebie/lead magnet if you have one and any promotions you want to share (book, podcast, etc) – these will also be linked on your speaker page and sent via email the day your interview gets released.

 Meet the Host

Crystal Tharp is the owner of The Organized Home, LLC and producer of The Home Approach® program; empowering Christian women to create an organized home that they love so they can thrive at home.

She considers herself a mompreneur, and is a mom to 3 kiddos (5, 6, and 8) and a fur-child (Aussie/Border Collie). Crystal is also happily married to her hubby of almost 11 years. Together, their family lives in the lakeside community of Holland, Michigan.

With over ten years of combined experience working in the Professional Organizing industry and coaching industry, she combines her expertise in decluttering, organizing, and home management with her passion for helping busy women.

Through Crystal’s faith-centered approach, her clients become motivated and inspired to create organized habits, routines and systems at home, that lead to better time management and productivity at work, allowing them to show up as their best self in the work that they do.

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