Organize 101

Experience a Transformation in your Home and Life, by Partnering with God Each Day, to Overcome Disorganization and Establish Routines.


Organize 101 for Christian Moms

Who Want an Organized Home Without Getting Overwhelmed in the Process.

30 Days to creating organized routines that bring out the best in you and your family, aimed at reaching your home organization goals, so you can thrive at home the way God desires for you to.

With Coach Crystal Tharp

Ready to start getting organized?

Something is in the Way

You may feel like you’re capable of achieving your home organization goals, but oftentimes, something gets in the way.

Maybe you…

  • Feel frustrated that your family isn’t helping to do their part
  • Struggle to find the time to put any systems into place 
  • Create a bigger mess than what you started with
  • Have little or no organization skills
  • Can’t seem to figure out any real solutions to maintain organization
  • Can’t seem to figure out where to even start

And as a result, find yourself putting in time and effort, but you’re not making LASTING progress.

After 30 days in the Organize 101 Program, you’ll:

  • Discover how to get your family on board, to help do their part, to maintain organization in your home.
  • Create an inviting home that you’re proud of. Have guests over with little to no advanced notice, and really feel confident when they visit.
  • Learn how to keep each space and each room in your entire home consistently tidy.
  • Master time management and learn how to get more done in less time, without depleting all your energy.
  • Learn how to maximize space, regardless of how small your home is or how limited your space is.
  • Become motivated to get started, accountable to make progress, and successful at staying on top of your organized home, day-to-day.
  • Gain motivation and get inspired to take action in a supportive, Judgment-Free Community, with other Christ believers.

Ready to Get Organized?

This program will have you getting your home organized, even if:

  • You feel like you’re the only one in your home who is trying to get organized, and your family isn’t pulling their weight yet.

  • Your organizing habits have been inconsistent and you haven’t figured out how to make any progress actually stick.

  • You never seem to have much time available to organize your home, and when you do, you’re not sure how to use your time efficiently.

  • The rooms in your home have random things in the wrong places, and it’s starting to overwhelm you.

  • You’re buying lots of beautiful containers but aren’t creating lots of beautiful spaces.

  • Organizing your home feels overwhelming – what to put where, what to donate, what to reuse, etc.

This program is perfect for you, if:

  • You want to ensure that you and your family can maintain your housekeeping habits without draining your energy.

  • You want a simple, organizing strategy that not only helps prepare your family for organizing your spaces, but also maximizes the space you have.

  • You want to manage your time efficiently in order to establish healthy habits that lead to effective routines.

“Before, I did not even know where to start. Thanks to Crystal, it’s given me some stepping stones to follow. I love the tips of getting lasting results, having that community, and committing to having accountability – I’m not sure that I would have – if I wasn’t paying for it, then I wouldn’t have made an intention to daily – doing the habits. I feel now, after 30 days, it’s become almost second-nature to me. Things that I never really thought to clear before – it was just really insightful to have it listed down for me. I loved the prayers, the workbooks, and there were coaching sessions…So, I highly recommend the group, and the courses that Crystal offers.”

Abi, Nurse & Mother of 2

“I just enjoyed the way that she had the course set up – where we had new lessons each week, and time to work through them, she had a call each week. And there was nice support among the group and interacting with the different ladies that were doing it at the same time was really nice. And most importantly for me, was the faith-based approach, where we’re seeking God, and we’re praying and asking for His guidance and wisdom, as we do this and take care of our homes to honor Him. I really enjoyed it and I just wanted to share that, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try.”

Megan, Homeschooling Mother of 4

“I’m so motivated to get my house in order. Crystal helped me identify habits that I needed to change, as well as tangible ways to improve. I was able to get my family on board and start making immediate progress! With so much support and many resources available, this course is a must for moms everywhere. I loved the faith based approach and the encouragement from fellow women around the world. Thank you!”

Jenni, Mother of 5

This program is for:

  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Homeschooling moms
  • Work-from-home moms
  • Work-outside-the-home moms
  • Mompreneurs

Ready to start getting organized?

You can always try to figure it out on your own:

Of course, you can always find organizing strategies from books, videos, and other courses. And that may help you to see changes in your home.

But it’s likely that you’ll still struggle to establish the healthy habits that lead to productive routines, that allow you to consistently keep your home organized.

And without getting your family on board, you’ll keep feeling the frustration of always ending right back where you started.

    • Back to feeling resentful that your family doesn’t do more to help
    • Back to feeling embarrassed about the way your home looks
    • Back to feeling frustrated that your time doesn’t produce results
    • Back to feeling defeated that your effort doesn’t make a difference
    • Back to feeling distracted by the disorganized spaces
    • Back to feeling wasteful for having to throw away expired food
    • Back to feeling disappointed for having to rebuy things that get lost

There’s a Better Way:

There’s a better way to organize your home than to buy lots of containers and hope they make a difference.


And when you follow the home organization system that I use, you’ll successfully create a home management system designed for the whole family, to help maintain each organized space.


Ready to start getting organized?

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