“I just completed Declutter 101, and I highly recommend it. I was so amazed at how impactful, mind-blowing, and perspective-changing it was. And the faith-based approach, that’s unlike any other course I’ve come across. I love the tips of getting lasting results, having that community, and committing to having accountability. I feel now, after 30 days, it’s become almost second-nature to me. I loved the prayers, the workbooks, and there were coaching sessions. And I just thank God I came across Crystal’s group, because I think it was at a point, “Oh my gosh, what am I going to do with my home? I don’t even know where to start.” And having come across the group – a lot of light-bulb moments and truth-bombs – and it’s from God’s Word, which really resonates with me. So, I highly recommend the group, and the courses that Crystal offers.”


Nurse & Mom

“Hi, my name is Megan, and I just finished the Declutter 101 – Phase 1, with Crystal. I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed it, how much the strategies have helped me to create a plan to declutter my home. I just enjoyed the way that she had the course set up – where we had new lessons each week, and time to work through them, she had a call each week. And there was nice support among the group and interacting with the different ladies that were doing it at the same time was really nice. And most importantly for me, was the faith-based approach, where we’re seeking God, and we’re praying and asking for His guidance and wisdom, as we do this and take care of our homes to honor Him. I really enjoyed it and I just wanted to share that, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try.”

Homeschooling Mom

I really enjoyed Declutter 101! I’m so motivated to get my house in order. Crystal helped me identify habits that I needed to change, as well as tangible ways to improve. I was able to get my family on board and start making immediate progress! With so much support and many resources available, this course is a must for moms everywhere. I loved the faith based approach and the encouragement from fellow women around the world. Thank you!

Mom of 5

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