A Community for Christian Moms on a Mission

We have a natural need and desire for community that fosters connection and collaboration, because we are better together.

This community is for moms on a mission who are actively pursuing their God-given calling as a Kingdom Entrepreneur, but also recognize that we are called to be good managers of our home.

This community brings together Christian mompreneurs who are eager to gain motivation and inspiration from an active community of like-minded business moms.

Together, we are motivated to take action, inspired to create momentum, and encouraged to faithfully partner with God, both at home and in our business.

A Faith-Based Approach

Through my faith-based approach, you are empowered to put God in the center of your organized habits, routines and systems at home, so that you can go from chaos to calm.

Overcome the burden of disorganization, escape the overwhelm of falling behind in your housekeeping, and let go of the guilt for not doing enough, so that you are no longer holding yourself back from your God-given potential.

Following my “Organized Home Success Plan,” you will gain a better understanding of what God desires for our homes, and how to follow a Spirit-led path to home organization.

Having an organized home will set the tone for organization in your business, as you continue to partner with God to develop better time management and productivity at work.

This transformative experience is what will allow you to thrive in your organized home and show up as your best-self in your business, the way that God desires for you to. 

The Organized Home Community

Tips, Motivation & Inspiration for Decluttering, Organizing & Maintaining Your Home!

Your all-inclusive hub for tips, inspiration and motivation, for decluttering, organizing and maintaining your home!

The members of this community are focused on:

  • Creating organized habits, routines, and systems at home.
  • Developing better time management and productivity at work.
  • Thriving in our organized home and showing up as our best self in our business.

Together, in this community, we will:

  • Foster meaningful relationships with like-minded Christian moms.
  • Create networking opportunities with other Kingdom entrepreneurs.
  • Feel confident, encouraged and supported in a safe, judgment-free environment.
  • Develop a growth mindset through Masterclassess, Workshops and Challenges.
  • Become inspired to look beyond disorganization, and see our home’s potential.
  • Boost the motivation needed to take action on our unique ‘Organized Home journey’.
  • Experience more business exposure during “Member Spotlight” opportunities.

Membership Info:

✔️ Get immediate access into this exclusive community, with your first payment of only $9.99.

✔️ Renew your membership each month, and get locked in at the Founding Member price of $9.99.

✔️ Enjoy all the premium benefits of this community, at no additional charge.

✔️ Cancel your membership at any time, with no contract.

Whether you join for the friendly camaraderie, Christian fellowship, professional networking, accountability, inspiration, motivation or action-oriented learning experience, you will be blessed with a positive and purposeful experience!

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