The Organized Home Community brings stay-at-home Christian moms together, offering group support, encouragement and coaching.

Here’s How It Works When You Join . . .

Create Your Success Plan

Whether you have a few organizing goals or you have a desire to restore order in your home, we’ll help you design a customized plan to help you get where you want to go. You’ll instantly access: 


✔ A step-by-step guide to implement so you’re clear on your action plan and know exactly what to focus on until the next stage.


✔ A holistic approach to organization for a “big picture” view of what leads to disorganization, how to overcome obstacles and what contributes to successfully reaching your goals.


✔ Designed for busy moms, by a busy mom, to help you move through each stage as quickly as possible, so you can easily gain momentum and stay motivated!

Join The Organized Home Facebook Group

Whether you like connecting with like-minded women or you are seeking encouragement and accountability, our Facebook group was created for both! You’ll experience: 


✔ A private forum that is exclusive to The Organized Home Members only.


✔ A monitored forum that promotes respect and positivity.


✔ An engaging forum that encourages fun and learning.

Participate in a Challenge

   Whether you like accountability or competitions (or both!), you’ll have opportunities to:


✔ Make decluttering and organizing fun!


✔ Gain inspiration from other moms who are completing the challenges.


✔ Gain confidence in your ability to organize.



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