Do you ever feel like you struggle to reach your goals? If so, it may be a sign that you need a daily plan.

Everyone has goals, big and small. But it can be challenging to achieve even the smallest goal if you’re not planning it out strategically.

In this post, I’ll share some tips to help make your daily plan a success, so you can achieve your daily goals. I’ll also provide an example of a daily planner (that you can download for free!).

Why is it Important to Have Goals?

Goals motivate us to become the people we are meant to be. They guide us through challenges by providing a motivational light at the end of the tunnel. Goals determine what we value and what we want out of life. We look at the end result that we desire and aim for, when we set goals.

Why is it Important to Have a Daily Plan?

Just as it’s important to have daily goals, it’s also important to have a daily plan. A daily plan zooms in on the day and minute-to-minute details on the actions that will bring your goals to fruition.

However, if you spend all your time looking at the goal on the horizon, you might lose track on what is right in front of you. Instead of only focusing on the future, look at this exact moment. Look at each moment and the role it plays in propelling you to success.

How to Make Your Daily Plan a Success:

In order to create your daily plan in the most effective way, you must start by setting your goals. Big picture goals are based on the lifestyle and home life that you want to pursue. Daily plans are the building blocks to those goals.

1. Choose your top 3 goals for your daily plan

Now, you may think: Three is such a small number; I have way more than 3 things to do!

Trust me – by picking three things to focus on, you will eliminate any unnecessary overwhelm.

Keep in mind that these goals could be a continuation of yesterday’s goals.

2. Write your goals down

It’s one thing to know what your goals are. And it’s entirely different to actually write them down. It may sound simple and even unnecessary, but speaking from personal experience, I can tell you it’s anything but.

“You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down.”

Dr. Gail Matthews

The action of writing down your goal is a way of telling your brain that this is a commitment that you’re making to yourself.

3. Create mini-goals for your daily plan

Break down each of those three goals into mini-goals, or steps, that make the bigger goals easier to reach.

4. Prioritize your mini-goal steps

Rank your steps from highest priority and most important to lowest priority and least important. Begin with your most pressing, most urgent and most time-sensitive steps first.

Be realistic about how much time is needed to complete each step, and consider overestimating, in the event that you run into interruptions.

5. Schedule a time for each step

Use a daily planner to schedule in each step into your day. Or group your steps together in a time-block period.

Tip: Use your phone to set reminders or alarms, to help you stay on time.

Every mom needs a daily planner to prioritize, organize and manage her busy day.

Use this daily planner for goals, tasks and schedules.
The Daily Planner
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Over time, you will find that your daily plan becomes a daily routine. Is ‘daily goal planning’ something that works well for you, or is this something you need to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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Crystal Tharp
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Crystal Tharp

Crystal is the owner of The Organized Home, LLC and producer of The Home Approach® program and The Purpose-Driven Productivity Program®; empowering busy Christian women to create an organized home that they love, so they can thrive at home. With over ten years of combined experience working in the Professional Organizing industry and coaching industry, she combines her expertise in decluttering, organizing, and home management with her passion for helping women to bring out the best in themselves.

While coaching is her God-given calling, she also loves being a mom to her young children (ages 5, 7 and 9), date nights with her husband, and family outings on the weekends. Above all, she is most passionate about following Jesus and inspiring others to do the same.

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