Does your life ever feel like it’s tipping the scale at one end or like a plate that is so full that it’s about to spill over? It’s not unusual for moms to experience imbalance in their life. Many times, imbalance looks like overspending time, energy or money in one area, and feeling overwhelmed in other areas as a result. In this post, I will share six ways being organized can help you achieve balance in your personal life. I’ll also share a storage solutions guide (that you can download for free!).

What does it mean for your life to have balance?

Living a balanced life means determining what is most important to you, and expending your time and energy accordingly.

Finding balance comes from giving time and energy to the things that build you up and give you life. And likewise, eliminating the things that bring you down and stress you out.

Have you ever gone through your day and felt calm and steady? Or conversely, gone through your day and felt distracted and rushed? Our lifestyle and state of our livelihood affects our actions and our reactions.

We can tie our life-balance to our own unique values, creating a life that supports us in our quest to live a peacefully balanced lifestyle tied to our stages of motherhood.

Organizing areas of your life, from the errands you prioritize to the routines you implement in your daily plan, will provide a sense of balance in your day. This enables you to let go of thinking about unnecessary details in order to focus on what is truly important to you.

In addition, organizing spaces around you, from your countertops to your desktop, will also provide a sense of balance. This keeps you from being distracted and more focused on the task at hand.

When everything in your life has a place, your life is in order.

Six Ways Being Organized Can Help You Achieve Balance

1. Being organized helps conserve time

You eliminate wasting time searching for things when you know you can find them exactly where they belong.

2. Being organized helps save money

When you keep things in their place, you not only reduce clutter, but you save money by not having to purchase what you already own.

3. Being organized helps increase productivity

Your productivity level increases when you are able to focus on your priorities in an environment free from chaos.

You are able to get more done in less time, allowing you to free up your time to spend on more important things like family.

4. Being organized offers peace and serenity

When clutter is absent from your life, you are surrounded by peace and serenity. You are able to set personal goals and achieve them because you are in control of your environment.

5. Being organized helps you succeed

Organization helps you succeed when you seldom have to stop your task to look for an item or wonder where something is. Your concentration improves as you devote more uninterrupted time to your thoughts.

6. Being organized frees you from stress

Your life is free from stress when you know where things belong. Peace fills your soul when you look across your tidy house, organized office and clean car.

When you value the things you have, it becomes easier to keep those things organized. You will find that the extra time it takes every day to put things back in their place is worth your peace of mind.

Today, I challenge you to reclaim order in your life, and choose to honor yourself by giving yourself the gift of an organized space.

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If you feel imbalance in your life, I hope you will become more mindful of how being organized can help you to achieve balance.

Is ‘being organized’ something that helps you to achieve balance, or is this something you need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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Crystal Tharp

Crystal Tharp

Crystal is the owner of The Organized Home, LLC and producer of The Home Approach® program and The Purpose-Driven Productivity Program®; empowering busy Christian women to create an organized home that they love, so they can thrive at home. With over ten years of combined experience working in the Professional Organizing industry and coaching industry, she combines her expertise in decluttering, organizing, and home management with her passion for helping women to bring out the best in themselves.

While coaching is her God-given calling, she also loves being a mom to her young children (ages 5, 7 and 9), date nights with her husband, and family outings on the weekends. Above all, she is most passionate about following Jesus and inspiring others to do the same.

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