With the right process: decluttering, then organizing, and then maintaining, you can create order in your home.

We desire for our homes to be tranquil: pleasant, calm, comfortable and relaxing.

Our home should also be an environment that offers peace, harmony and balance. Peace throughout our house. Harmony within our family. And balance in our life.

“I help busy stay-at-home moms to find more peace in their home, more family harmony, and more balance in their life, through decluttering, organizing and systems.”

Crystal Tharp

Professional Organizer

Decluttering Creates Peace

The first step to creating or restoring order to our home is decluttering. Through this important step: removing unwanted, unneeded, and unnecessary items reduces mental frustration, creating a more peaceful environment.

Organizing Creates Harmony

The next step to creating or restoring order to our home is organizing. This creates consistency and congruity of different areas of each room and throughout the entire home, creating a foundation for a more harmonious family.

Maintaining Creates Balance

The final step to creating or restoring order to our home is balance. This is accomplished when household systems have efficiently met priorities at the appropriate time; and peace, harmony and balance come together.

Begin Your Journey Today

Imagine going through your day, feeling confident about what you have committed to. Focused on all the steps necessary to meet your commitments. And because of your mental clarity, you are successfully avoiding unnecessary distractions and remain in alignment with all your priorities. Today is filled with gratitude, peace, harmony and joy!

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